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DOG RESCUE – Our agency collaborates with “Rescatame” a locally owned non-profit organization here in Punta Cana. Currently Rescatame primarily provides shelter, and with the help of warm veterinarians here offering their services at a fraction of the cost.  Donations received go towards spaying/ neutering, vaccinations and even pet adoption programs. Reliable Realty passes our clients donations of money, collars/ leashes, dog food, and other needs directly to Rescatame. In May of 2014,Rescatame collaborated with numerous volunteer veterinarians here and around the world, many flew to the DR and actively treat over 1,500 dogs throughout the country.  One of Rescatame’s goals is to collect enough funds to open a much needed refuge center in Punta Cana. Despite the impressive growth and modernization projects over the past 6 years, Punta Cana still lacks in providing an official dog refuge center!

As of April, 2012, the visiting sponsors named below have donated dog supplies or cash amounting to nearly $2,000,00 U.S dollars to date towards our dog rescue program – helping 12 local dogs; of which 6 were puppies, and once treated, were able to find caring adoptive families. Sadly, some of the rescued adult dogs could not find homes and had to be released; 2 have passed on; and 2 more are unaccounted for. However, 2 are favourite community owned dogs among the numerous Punta Cana locals, residents, vacationers and part-time property owners.

Pictured above (left) is “Bild”, sponsored by Rebecca Thomsson from Switzerland. Bild is one of the adult dogs missing. We hope and pray he found a good home. If you have seen Bild please contact us below so we can let Rebecca know.

Garry & Barb Garras
Rebecca Thomsson
Chantal & Tiffany Zurcher
Rebecca & Scott
Joanne & William Forsyth
Janice & Pat Deryaw
The McCurdy family
Peter & Annissa Calabrese
Don & Kate Stasiuk
Reliable Realty

Thank you to all these caring people in providing hope for these kind and loving dogs of Punta Cana. As our efforts, involvement and donations increase, we hope someday to provide a non-profit dog rescue / and adoption center in Bavaro-Punta Cana.

If you would like to help, or are planning a trip to the area soon, please CONTACT US and ask us how you can get involved. Thank You!


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